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What have we achieved?

Architectural video mapping

Hubstract. Made for Art presents ‘Squarcione savior’, architectural video mapping national premiere for ‘Corpus Domini 1462’, the opening event of ‘Art District’, international festival of theater of Viterbo. (29 August-26 October 2015). The video mapping was carried out on the facade of the Cathedral of Viterbo located in the Basilica di San Lorenzo. ‘Squarcione savior’ is an ironic celebration of some of the masterpieces of the Renaissance, in particular the ‘Salvator Mundi’ Gerolamo da Cremona. to project on the facade of Viterbo’s cathedral in the monumental ‘Piazza San Lorenzo’.

Art directors: Stefano Fiori, Francesco Di Mauro
Postproduction: Luigi Vetrani
Project development: Pamela Mattana
Cast: Andrea Fabi, Anna Ferraioli e David Marzi
Editor assistant: Luigi Pesciaroli

Produced by Art District as part of European Projct “Collective Plays!

VITERBO – The theatrical procession of Corpus Domini built by Pius II in 1462, history teaches, forever changed not only the urban layout of Viterbo but also the very concept of scenic representation, marking in fact the transition between medieval and Renaissance theater. An epoch-making event, as pointed out repeatedly daGian Maria Cervo, artistic director of the Art District, who wanted it to be just Corpus 1462 to open the traditional festival, this year more than ever by the breath internationally. Artists from around the world have in fact animated, yesterday 30 August with performances, installations and exhibitions, the streets of the center where in the fifteenth century is the famous procession untied. Piazza della Rocca, passing through the Corso to Piazza San Lorenzo, was a succession of “surprises” art, in a post-modern reinterpretation that pointed to amaze and astonish as at the time he made the event from which he drew inspiration . And judging by the large presence of the public, who thronged the squares and historic buildings, many of which are open especially for the occasion, the objective was reached.

To leave you breathless, however, they are projected on the facade of the Duomo in Piazza San Lorenzo. Artwork timeless “visited” by modern characters in overtime Squarcione Salvator wall mapping.