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IRIDE. Luce delle meraviglie


IRIDE. LUCE DELLE MERAVIGLIE was a national premiere for the event La Ville Lumiere December 6, 2015 with a parade and video projection on the façade of the City of Cassino.


The town of Cassino was part of the work, as the star of light.


IRIDE tells the wonder.
IRIDE is light, solar or lunar, flame light, stars. Light of the city. It is the light that envelops everything to show iridescent rainbow.

Performance of video mapping, dance and theater, IRIS – LIGHT OF WONDERS is a production of Out of Context and Hubstract – Made for Art. The event took place at the event Ville Lumiere in Cassino. The art project has intesto put into active communication of the dance choreography, curated by the director Emilia Martinelli, animations and motion graphics. The dancers were filmed on green screen and their movements have led movements and dynamics of particles and forms generated in computer graphics..

Check the darkness.

I open my eyes.

I’m Iris, Light Wonderland

Show interaction between video mapping, dance, words, created by Outside Context and Hubstract – Made for Art as part of the La Ville Lumiere Cassino of December 6, 2015. The project was conceived, written and illustrated by: Emilia Martinelli e Luigi Vetrani
Directed by: Stefano Fiori ed Emilia Martinelli
Motion Grafic: Luigi Vetrani
Choreographies: Emilia Martinelli Riprese
Video: Stefano Fiori
Production and Communication: Silvia Belleggia
With: Ilaria Bracaglia, Tiziana Scrocca, Marco Ubaldi
Voice off : Tiziana Scrocca