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Il Monumento e la città

The corporate video describes the history of Trajan’s Market in Rome, a building built in the second century. A.D. and still it is operating as a Museum of the Imperial Forums. The project, along with the contemporary “techniques of the ancient building materials,” the ambitious goal of telling 2000 years of history of a building, a masterpiece of ancient architecture, and life which hosted as a container of public activities during the centuries.

The video was made using a mixed technique of graphics, photo-editing, 2D animation and illustration, using Illustrator and Photoshop, After Effect for composting and video editing, Final cut pro for finalization.

The work is in a continuous cycle vision into a “tavern” Roman, which acts as a “cinema”, the museum of the Markets of Trajan. Video.

What have we achieved?

A video graphics mixed technique, photo-retouchin, 2D animation and illustration