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Il colore del sole

What have we achieved?

Per 'The color of the sun, Hubstract Made for Art! He edited: digital video, digital fx, mapping internships, live video mix

Premiered in Viterbo, on September 24-25 in Ex CHURCH S.EGIDIO – VITERBO, THE COLOR OF THE SUN is a co-production of TSAM, Art Festival and Festival of Dawn District Crotone, in collaboration with the School of Theatre and Improvement of the Professional Theatre of Rome and EU Collective Plays Project! co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Hubstract Made for Art! si è affiancato l'ideazione e la regia dello spettacolo con la propria consulenza tecnica nelle calibrazioni prospettiche e la realizzazione delle riprese in chroma key

From the early stages of creative development of the project “The color of the sun”, Hubstract was joined in the design and manufacture of video contributions with technical advice from the perspective calibrations (the movies environments had to be placed in perspective in harmony with human figures present from I live on stage), and the realization of the shooting chroma key. He also edited the interventions in post-production matte extension and designed trimensionali objects in computer graphics and photorealistic animated for deployment in scenes filmed.


Stage mapping created for the show in the first national in Viterbo

In the terminal phase of theatrical production, we have taken care of the preparation of the set design and mapping internship in dramatic interaction with the stage action.

di Gian Maria Cervo
loosely based on the novel by Andrea Camilleri
Directed by Franco Eco. Video by Francesco Di Mauro.
With Marco Celli, Alessio Di Clemente, Anna Ferraioli Ravel, Pietro Masotti.

Digital video: Hubstract. Made for art
A work that tells the story of Caravaggio fled from Malta and in which the same Camilleri (the work is set half in the seventeenth century and half today) is one of the characters. A visit by Andrea Camilleri in Syracuse after fifty years of absence, a note secretly infilatogli in your pocket with a phone number, you will have to call from a public payphone. The crime novelist Andrea Camilleri not resist the attractive power of an investigation that looks dark, disturbing and full of mysteries. Mysteries that lead him to a dispersed farmhouse in the countryside around Bronte, where will be shown an amazing document and compelling written in his own hand by an artist of four centuries earlier, immense and cursed: Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio. The disjointed sentences and visions of this collection of papers constitute a kind of abnormal noir, full of shadows and hallucinations, the period spent by Caravaggio in Malta and Sicily between 1607 and 1608. In “The color of the sun”, the particular light of Caravaggio’s paintings, his stylistic and pictorial choice, the extraordinary presence of the shadow from which only some details (basic economy of the framework) are spared, are told through the use neuroscience. The artist photophobia is treated with drops prepared from an old Bardassa and medicine that makes him see “the black sun”, making it live in a continuous eclipse that offers a glimpse of the silhouettes, shadows, but leaves much of the dark landscape . The adaptation of Gian Maria Cervo favors and even accentuates the Baroque features work by Camilleri, creating a theatrical machine all based on the changing mood, rhythm and tempo to the split second, with a sharp and funny ending that is at the same time closure and deconstruction of a narrative structure.